What problems do you need to solve?

Why How Try (and Reflect)

We believe that solving complex problems requires deeper collaborative thinking. We focus on motivation and simple instruction to fuel progress and remove friction that prevents learning and adoption.

The examples below give a flavour of some the problems we are focusing on.


The presence of coronary calcium is a threat to the long-term integrity of coronary angioplasty, yet knowledge of calcium modification is still at an early stage. Understanding where it matters most and how to deal with it is a “hot” topic.

At Optima, we're helping shape an algorithmic approach that considers the various nuances and options available to physicians. By doing so, we're empowering physicians to make more informed decisions and improving patient outcomes.

Optima - calcium is a critical factor in stent expansion


Intravascular Imaging (IVI) is a powerful tool that can greatly improve patient care, yet its value in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is not well understood translating into low usage. At Optima, we're working to change that.

Our goal is to educate healthcare professionals on the why and how of IVI and its potential to improve patient outcomes. By providing targeted education and support, we're empowering physicians to incorporate IVI into their practice and achieve better results.

Optima - Intravascular Imaging (IVI) can greatly improve patient care


Chronic total occlusions (CTOs) result in patient morbidity and Physician confusion. Can they be treated successfully? Optima explains why and how to apply leading techniques to get the best outcomes.

Our goal is to make it easier for physicians and their teams to develop their knowledge and skills to take on more complex cases. By breaking down barriers and providing targeted education and support, we're empowering physicians to tackle CTOs with confidence and achieve better patient outcomes.

Optima - helping physicians develop their knowledge of chronic total occlusions (CTOs)


Our organization is dedicated to addressing a range of important problem areas, a sample of which include:

  • Role of drug-eluting balloons (DEB)

  • Impact of radiation and how to mitigate its growing problem

  • Navigating the maze of post CABG PCI

  • Involving Cathlab teams in the education process

  • Large-bore peripheral access

  • Coronary Physiology, Stent Failure, Angina...

Optima - addressing a range of important problem areas in healthcare