Simplifying Medical Education

At OPTIMA we believe that medical education can be better.

What's holding education back?

Understanding fuel and friction is key

How do you share the message widely?

Connecting clinical and creative minds to solve complex problems, simply

At Optima, we believe that education is central to patient care. Our unique approach is designed to help you develop the thinking, skills and knowledge to optimise patient care.

We clarify and simplify clinical messaging into engaging and accessible content. Our values of quality, simplicity, and innovation are central to this vision


Optima is a global network of leading physicians driving meaningful change in healthcare by tackling pressing challenges and sharing insights to improve medical practice.

We partner with industry leaders to guide the development of promising technologies. Our approach is collaborative, innovative, and results-driven.

Optima - driving meaningful change in healthcare


We are curious and not afraid to ask why. We believe that education trains the mind how to think, so our educational tools are designed to both explore the problem and define the solutions.

Our approach is practical, data-driven, results-oriented, and focused on the root causes. We aim to develop innovative solutions that drive meaningful change.

Optima - developing innovative solutions to improve healthcare outcomes


Optima stands for clarity, quality and integrity. We understand that the internet is an ecosystem, not a destination and believe that content is of most value when shared widely: as such we work with physicians and organisations to disseminate knowledge and solve pressing healthcare challenges.

Our reputation is built on quality, simplicity, and innovation, all critical to achieving results. Join us and stay at the forefront.

Optima - leading educator in healthcare, sharing knowledge and solving pressing healthcare challenges


Measurement is the first step ... to control and eventually ... improvement. This principle is central to medical education, not only from a clinical perspective, but also influencing behaviours, decision-making, and to new ideas and being receptive to new ideas and learning."

At Optima, we believe that measuring the effectiveness of educational programs is a new frontier to be integrated by identifying what is fuelling progress, and what friction is holding things back.

Optima measure the effectiveness of medical educational programmes